About Us

With denim as a base we seek to highlight the main hallmarks of the various cultures by creating different capsules over time.

Midori - Actitud

We are strong, resilient, and like indigenous people we adapt and convert but are always rooted to our cultural legacy.

We look after the environment from production to our involvement with society, to take care of our planet and transmit good practices.
We promote good practices in the clothing industry.
We are aware of the value of our decisions, which contemplate the process in their value chain and are socially committed to improving the industry.

Midori - Creencias
Midori - Somos naturaleza

We are nature, roots, essence at its best. Culture and respect for the legacy, for history and origin.
Etymologically, MIDORI means green in Japanese.

Why denim?
For the nobility and versatility of the material. The luxury of simplicity is part of what the brand rescues. Denim Is today a fabric which adapts to different lifestyles.

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Midori - Conciencia ecológica