We created our Collage jean, MIDORI’s emblematic garment, and we did it by hand starting from different pieces of denim that had remained as remnants of cuts from previous productions.

We did the design of this jean in an artisanal way, locating its molds and cutting, looking to fit one piece with the other in the best way. We print the particular molds to be able to cut on the material the desired proportion. Each of these jeans will look different and will be a unique piece in the market.

We recycle pants and start with the arming procedure. Together with our workers at the BDA factory, we cut the denim based on the molding and position each piece in its place to see how the jean would look before it is assembled.

We achieve the ideal design by combining patterns and shades that make it unique while being responsible with the environment. The best quality of BDA denim fabrics with a reinvention from the design of MIDORI.